Annual Maui Open Studios Event

Free Self-Guided Tours of Artist Studios and Exhibition Spaces Islandwide

Our MOS Events

MOS stands for “Maui Open Studios” and consists of two events each year – the MOS winter event held in February and the brand new MOS summer edition held in July. Both events feature self-guided tours of art open studios and exhibitions spaces islandwide and are free for the public to attend.

Below are the differences between the two events.


February – Our Main Event

The MOS winter event, held in February, is our main event which has been in existence for over a decade and connects hundreds of art lovers and art collectors, both locals and tourists alike, with MOS artists islandwide.

It includes a festive Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition, in addition to three weekends of self-guided tours of artist studios and exhibition spaces islandwide. Free for the public to attend.

Held at UHMC’s Pa’ina Culinary Arts Center, this festive kick-off evening for the winter event draws approximately 500 to 700 guests every year during the 3-hour duration. The Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition is a great way to determine which artists to include in your self-guided tours on the following weekends.

Artists set up a display so guests can preview their artwork and portfolios, and interact with them. Some artwork is also for sale at the Opening. Not all registered artists will choose to be featured in this portion of the event, but we typically have about 60 artists who opt in every year.

Complimentary wine and live entertainment are featured along with the artists and their art. Printed guidebooks can also be picked up at the Opening as well. We love seeing everyone at our Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition as it is always a fun, festive, and enjoyable evening.

The winter event is produced with an Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition, and printed guidebook as well as digital materials including e-newsletters, an interactive Google Map, online artist directories, Facebook, and Instagram.


July – Digitally Marketed and Promoted Only

Our MOS summer event does not have an Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition or printed guidebooks. Visit artist studios and exhibition spaces islandwide over three weekends in July using our digital materials.

Artists Christine Waara and Husa Adams in the 2020 event. (Photo by Carl Yoshihara)

The summer event is produced with digital materials only including e-newsletters, an interactive Google Map, online artist directories, Facebook, and Instagram.

Online artist directories and an interactive online Google Map help guide you to artist locations.