Annual Maui Open Studios Event

Free Self-Guided Tours of Artist Studios and Exhibition Spaces Islandwide


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Who can participate in the maui Open Studios Event?

Any artist working in any visual medium at any level of their career who has a studio or exhibition space on Maui, whether rented or their own, is invited to participate in the events. MOS events are non-juried giving all visual artists an equal opportunity to show and sell their work to the public through the event. 

Can I participate in more than 1 Weekend?

Yes. However, you must pay individual registration fees for each weekend and your venues must be in that particular weekends’ region.

How much does it cost to participate?

Winter Event – February:
Early Bird Artist Registrations are available in July and August and are $169.
Full price Artist Registrations are available in October and September and are $189.
Artists new to the event receive a $30 discount on fees.
There is no fee for optional Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition.

Summer Event – July:
For 2022, the summer event fees are below. Fees may be modified for future summer events.
MOS 2022 February Artists with NO changes to profile or location – $59
MOS 2022 February Artists WITH changes to profile or location – $99
Artists who did not participate in MOS 2022 February – $139

What do I get in return for my registration fee?

Winter Event – February:

Opening Celebration and Preview Exhibition
Free with artist registration and is optional. Held at UHMC’s Pa’ina Culinary Arts Center, this kick-off event for the winter event draws approximately 500 to 700 guests. Artists set up in an assigned 5’x5′ space so guests can preview your work and interact with you. Sales may also take place.

• Artist profile in 3,000 printed guidebooks.
• Artist pin drop on interactive Google Map with your art image.
• Online artist profile that includes your art image, text, contact info, and link to your website or social media.

Summer Event – July:

• Artist pin drop on interactive Google Map with your art image.
• Online artist profile that includes your art image, text, contact info, and link to your website or social media.

There are no Opening Celebration and Preview Exhibition, or printed guidebooks for the summer event. The summer event is promoted by digital marketing and promotions only.

is the event on social media?

Facebook: MauiOpenStudios
Instagram (new in 2022): #mauiopenstudios

How will the event be marketed to the public?

• Distribution of 3,000 printed guidebooks (Winter/February event only).
• Interactive Google Map
• Social media advertising to 2,400+ fans/followers plus thousands of their friends.
• Social media posts on different platforms reaching thousands of people.
• Email/E-Newsletters to 1,000+ people/subscribers.
• Event listings in online calendars.
• MOS street signs during the event.
• Our reliable coconut wireless.

• Press releases are also sent to the media and every year we receive publicity for the event in a number of media outlets. They may include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, digital/online media, etc.

If I have to cancel, is my registration fee refundable?

Registration fees are non-refundable. Production and preparation for the event takes place throughout the year and the event is self-funded.

I want to share my space with another artist.
Do they have to pay a registration fee as well?

Yes. Artist registrations are per artist, not per venue or location. You must agree to our terms and conditions in order to participate in the event. This subject is covered in our terms and conditions. 

Do I have to do a live demonstration during my open studio?

No. You are not obligated to do any live demonstrations. However, it is encouraged because it will draw more attention to your show and hopefully inspire sales. The public enjoys and is inspired by live demonstrations as it gives them a unique experience at open studio events. If you plan to demonstrate it is good to mention it in your profile listing.

Do I have to serve refreshments/food during my open studio?

No. You are not obligated to. However, by doing so it helps to make your visitors experience more interesting and memorable.

How do I submit my text and images for my artist listings?

After you have paid your registration fee, revisit the artist registration page and follow “Step 2” to submit your materials.

how does the opening celebration/preview exhibition work?

Artists display their work and are assigned to a 5’x5′ space. The purpose of your display is to inspire and encourage visitors to include you in their self-guided tours. Interaction with our visitors is important in engaging them. Selling is allowed at the Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition.

Along with your artwork we encourage you to bring a portfolio of your work, your own marketing materials to hand out, and printed maps to your location to further encourage them to visit you at your venue.

It is up to each artist to bring everything they need for their display at the Opening. We recommend an easel or two, and a small table. We will supply you with a chair. All materials must have rubber feet or you must bring a small rug to protect the floor. Battery-operated lights may be used to highlight your work. You can find them online. An artist number and name sign will be supplied to you at the venue. 

Will there be signage provided to let people know I’m participating in the event?

Yes, we provide digital PDF signage (artist numbers, arrows, logos, etc.) for you to download and have printed at Kinkos/Office Max, etc. for street corners, along roadways, in front of your studios/homes, etc. These files are emailed directly to you about three weeks prior to the event. The branding and consistency of these signs is recognizable by visitors making it easier for them to find you. Our MOS signage is also a marketing and outreach tool for the overall event for those who may not otherwise know about MOS.