Tips for MOS Artists


This page is designed as a support system and guide for having the most successful event possible and for general instructions for the different aspects of the event.

This area will be updated as the event progresses. Thank you!

An invitation to participate in the Opening Celebration and Preview Exhibition will be emailed out to everyone in mid-January. It is optional to participate in the Opening. Each artist will be assigned a space that will be at least 6 ft. x 5ft. where you can display a few of your best pieces and have a small tv-dinner tray table with a portfolio on it. You are responsible for bringing your own easels, pedestals, small tables, and other display materials. Each artist will have a chair supplied by the venue. This year due to covid protocols, we may have to limit the number of guests inside of the venue, so we will likely be offering spaces outside as well as inside. We will update you closer to the event. 

Directional MOS signage and artist numbers for posting in and around your weekend event venues will be available for download in January as well. These signs can be printed out at Office Max for a very low cost.  title_priortoevent

Tell your collectors, followers, and fans about your event. Tell them early:

Send out e-blasts to the people already on your e-lists with details about your weekend event and the Opening Celebration and Preview Exhibition. 


Post your event on your own website:

Many of your own followers and fans will come out to the event specifically to visit with you. Let them know it’s happening and this is an opportunity to acquire more of your art for their collection.


Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media outlets to promote your event:

• Post your event on your Facebook pages and other social media sites.
• Post or tweet about your event to specifically get people out to your event.
• Post videos of your studio to get people out to your event and to learn about your studio.
• Become a fan of the Maui Open Studios Event Facebook page and then post photos or comments on it to promote your event in the side panel. Click here to visit our Facebook fan page.


Use the sharing buttons on the bottom left corner of the MOS website pages to share that page with others:

By clicking the buttons you can easily share the website with your contacts via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.


Make your own postcards or flyers for your own weekend event:

Do a mailing or pass them out to your friends and contacts before the event and during the Opening Celebration. We will have a table at the Opening Celebration where you can place your promotional materials for our TAB guests.


Available before November 15Advertise in the MOS Guidebook:

This is great additional exposure for any artist and will allow you to stand out from the artist directory. Ads for the MOS Guidebook can be purchased at this link. 


Promote your weekend event in publications, websites, and calendars of events before your event:

There are many different publications and websites that you can add your event to. Some listings are even free. This will give you additional exposure during the event.


Print your own Google Maps and hand them out at the Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition:

Add your name, address, contact information and some images and photocopy them so it’s all on one sheet. Remember that the public will not be able to go to every single open studio, so you want to grab their attention and make it easy for them to find you.


Coming in January…Download, print and post MOS signage so visitors can find you easily from their cars or by foot or make your own signs:

• Please post signage only on the days of your event. You don’t want the public to be knocking on your door before or after the event has taken place.

• Please be sure to remove your signs immediately after your event is over. You are legally responsible for your actions, so please post and remove responsibly and in consideration of others. Thank you.

• Post them on your house, on your studio door, on your building, in your driveway, street corners, on sandwich boards, etc. and where ever you feel is suitable to guide people your way.


Participate in the Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition and promote your weekend event:

This is a great opportunity to interface with the public, promote your weekend event and to enjoy the celebration with other participating artists. Hope to see you there.


Open your studio space up promptly at 11am and remain open until at least 6pm for both days of your assigned weekend:

Many people show up right at the start as they begin their tours and OFTEN people who come to these events show up last minute as they rush to get to their last stop on time. You may stay open as long as you like, but the official hours are 11am – 6pm. Sales are made last minute and you don’t want to cut yourself short by closing up too soon. Our advertised hours are 11am – 6pm each day. Please read the terms and conditions for details.


Be professional during the event:

Always be professional even if you do not consider yourself to be a professional artist. Your open studio event is not the time to be taking a shower or baking a birthday cake (unless the birthday cake is for one of your dedicated art collectors. Even then, bake it before they get there.) It is the time to be focused on your guests and selling, educating and/or promoting your art to them. If you plan to have family and friends around during the event, just be sure that they also behave in a professional manner.


If you are doing demonstrations:

• Make sure children (and adults for that matter) can’t get near any chemicals, machinery, sharp tools, etc. Please use common sense. You are legally responsible for the activities in your space.

• Have a helper with you so that you can demonstrate while they sell your art to the public.


Have a full range of work available at different price points for your visitors:

There will be a full range of visitors from all walks of life coming to this event from underpaid students to wealthy investors. The more you have to offer the public, the better – in terms of range of artwork and prices. Some people will have a $20 budget and others may have $20,000. People are never looking for the exact same thing. Be ready.


Have change available for cash purchases:

People often carry around cash and you don’t want to lose a sale because you don’t have any change for them.


Have bags and packing materials ready for purchases:

Be ready to make sales and have people walk away with purchases.


Know your sales and shipping policies:

Be ready to help clients with information about packing, shipping, taxes, etc.


Move any valuables away from doors:

Be sure to keep your valuables tucked away and clear from doorways. This includes your artwork, of course.


Have a guestbook for your visitors to sign:

This is a great way to build your mailing lists and email lists. Have more than one guestbook in key places such as at the front door when they are on their way out and/or next to where you are sitting so you can point it out to them.


Take lots of photos and maybe even some video:

We are asked by the media to send images of our artists with our press kit. If you have great photos to send us, you may get additional exposure through TAB press coverage.


Relax, have fun and enjoy the experience!