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2023 Summer Artist Registration

Deadline – June 15, 2023

The summer event is promoted and marketed digitally only and is a physical, in-person event. Unlike our main event in February, there is no Opening Celebration/Preview Exhibition, and there are no printed guidebooks. Therefore the registration fees are lower for our summer events.

Important Note: *The 3,000 guidebooks from our winter 2023 event had an ad in it for our summer event on the inside front cover, so each person who had/has a guidebook is now aware of our summer events.*

fee structure for 2023

MOS 2023 February Artists with NO changes to your profile or location – $59

MOS 2023 February Artists WITH changes to your profile or location – $99

Artists who did not participate in MOS 2023 February – $139

Attention artists in Haiku: You may choose either Weekend 1 or Weekend 3 or pay for two registrations and do both. We highly recommend that artists close to the North Shore register for Weekend 3 and artists in upper Haiku, register for Weekend 1 Upcountry.

registration process

step 1: Make your payment

Scroll through the options below to make your payment after you have read the Terms and Conditions.
* Important: By registering you are agreeing to all of the Terms and Conditions.
* Click here to read/download the Terms and Conditions.

• Registration is per artist, not per venue. To show during the event you must be a registered artist.
• You may purchase registrations for as many weekends as you’d like, as long as your shows are held in each of the respective weekend regions

Register Now for Early Birds

step 2: submit your image + text using the registration form (with the exception of February artists who have *no changes*)

[click here for the registration form] 

You must have your image ready before submitting your form. It should be at least 3″ inches on the short side and at least 300 dpi. Images that do not meet these requirements cannot be used.
Click here for the registration form.

step 3:
Start planning your event!

Click here for tips on how to prepare prior to the event and during.